Resources for Parents

New Player - Team Placement

Parents are responsible for finding and selecting a team.  A list of teams is available on the 'Team Contacts' page.  Go to as many practices as needed until a suitable team is found.  Some teams carry monthly dues, some teams could practice at times or at a location that would be difficult for you.  For these reasons, it is always best that the parent or guardian make the decision of which team their player will be on.  Once a team has been chosen, a team coach or manager or parent/guardian should notify the league as soon as possible to ensure the player is added to the proper roster.

Existing Player - Transfer and Releases

If your player needs to be be released or transferred to another team/league, please send your request via email to the league registrar or click here:  Transfer-Release Request  


Concussion Information:   English    Spanish

Concussion Report Form:   English

Insurance Claim Form:    English     Spanish

What All Parents Should Know

  • Practices Are Vital!​

Players that attend practice regularly and practice on their own at home will develop faster and perform better.  Don't commit your child to a team if you can't commit to getting them to practice.  

  • Let the Coach be the Coach

Nobody likes a backseat driver. Trust the coach and allow the players to make their own decisions on the field.  It's their game, not yours.


  • Winning Isn't That Important 

Winning is great, but losing teaches children how to deal with adversity, and helps to show where their weaknesses are so development can take root.  If your team is winning every game by a huge margin they're not learning and developing. Don't trust a coach whose only purpose is to win. 

  • Don't be the Crazy Soccer Parent

Control your emotions while watching your child play.  You will be ejected if you can't.  Being at your kid's game is a privilege that we can and will take away.  

  • The Referee's Calls Are FINAL

They have authority over everything on the field, including you.  They may make mistakes but so will your player.  Even if the call they make is wrong you have NO right to yell at or threaten the referees.  The call won't be reversed anyway so why bother?  Teach your player to deal with it and move on because that's how soccer, and life, is.